Many a time people take decision in a hurry and without giving a second thought only they later realise that they have made a blunder, In order to win over the competition, people tend to act abruptly and regret later when they have to face the consequences.

Have you ever felt like leaving because you are not seeing any growth? Have you ever felt like ending at all because of the failures or experiences? Whenever you feel low, depressed or overwhelmed with negative emotions because of ups and downs that inevitably come in life, Whenever you feel like quitting, whenever you don’t find a reason to carry on, do remind yourself of a simple yet powerful story of fern and bamboo.

A man planted fern and bamboo seeds and cared for them really well. He made sure they both get adequate light and water. The man was delighted to see fern quickly spring out from the Earth growing really fast, covering its entire surroundings with bright green colour but he was disappointed when nothing came out of Bamboo seed. But the man didn’t give up on bamboo. In the second year he saw that the growth of the fern was luxuriant, vibrant and abundant, and the bamboo seed? Nothing came out. But the man continued caring for the bamboo and didn’t give up. In the third year there was still nothing from the bamboo seed and the man still won’t give up and same thing happened in the 4th year as well, nothing came out of bamboo. But the man persevered and didn’t quit. It was in the 5th year that the man saw tiny sprout emerge from the Earth.

The bamboo straw was tiny and insignificant compared to the fern, but it was just 6 months from then, the bamboo shot up to over 100 feet tall. The man realised the bamboo has spent those 5 years growing its roots, it was those roots that gave bamboo the strength it needed to survive, thrive and grow.

It is true life doesn’t give anyone a challenge that he cannot handle, If there is a challenge you are facing at the moment, know for sure that you have the capacity to handle it. Were you aware that all the time you have spent dealing with your challenges and struggles you actually have been growing roots. Just as the man didn’t give up on the bamboo, don’t give up on yourself. Never Quit, Don’t compare yourself to others. The bamboo and the fern are so different, yet both make the forest beautiful, each one serving a different purpose. Relax, your time will come up and you will shoot up like bamboo and rise high as well.

Go as high as you can, go as high as your potential and not anyone else’s potential. Be patient and keep working on yourself. Remember Tokyo is 8 hours ahead of London, that doesn’t make London slow or Tokyo fast. Everything in life happens at the right time. Be patient and keep on working yourself as the right time will come for you also. Don’t worry; you are neither early nor too late, you are just on time.

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