StudyBUZZ Special Scholarship

We at StudyBUZZ have always tried to provide not only the best services to the aspirants preparing for the various MBA entrance exams but also have tried to help the students who genuinely wanted support, yet again we have come up with a unique kind of scholarship for the students who are not lucky enough to have both their parents with them.

We at StudyBUZZ understand how much pain and difficulty a student has to face in the absence or death of either of the parents, therefore to help these types of students we have come up with the following scholarship

Lt Sh. Ashok Gupta F/o Anubbhav Gupta Memorial Scholarship

This Scholarship is for the following category of students only:

1) Death of either of the parent or both the parents

2) Candidates having a single parent

If you belong to any of the above 2 categories then you are entitled to a flat 50% discount on any course from StudyBUZZ be it be the Pen-drive course or the Live Batch. The scholarship is not available on any crash course or test series as they are already discounted.

Please note that currently we are not providing Scholarships to EWS category students, this Scholarship is only for parentless, fatherless children.

If you want to apply for this scholarship then kindly fill the following form, it will help us in getting your details or you can Whatsapp us at 9958937705