Entrepreneurs are surely a different breed. Not everyone can think, act, and execute like an entrepreneur, he is the Jack of all trades, and knows how to get his work done properly, within a given Time period.
He is someone who isn't scared of taking risks, work hard and devote all his being to his Organisation.
 Which is why it is commonly said that, Not Everyone can be an Entrepreneur

If you have all these traits then, I advice you not to venture into Entrepreneurship

1. You're afraid of failures 
Famous physicist Albert Einstein said. “ Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new”. Taking risks and not being afraid of the outcome, gives Entrepreneurs a certain amount of pleasure which is indescribable.
It also shows their confidence in themselves and their organisation.
But, that doesn’t mean that he or she should go ahead and take risks based on any useless hunch, rather they should take calculated risks backed by a strong research and extreme hard work.
 Thus,if you're not someone who likes to take risks and instead tread on the path commonly taken by many,then Entrepreneurship is not for you.

2. If you don't Possess a problem solving Mindset 
 There are many different problems arising day to day in an organisation and an Entrepreneur should be willing to solve these problems by hook or Crook. He is someone, who has who has solved problems for people through whatever means since forever,Rather than running away from Problems.

3.If you're not Adaptive to Change
 People change, problems change, markets change. An Entrepreneur will Adapt, himself and his product to best serve his customer. That said, if you are someone who doesn't like going out of their comfort zone and adjust then you should not think about Entrepreneurship as your career option.

4.You're indecisive and can't say No to people easily. 
Along with problem solving, an entrepreneur has to make numerous decisions on his own on a daily basis. This will involve considering the Pros and Cons of the options and analytical skills.
 He will need to take many hard decisions along the way and even Say NO when needed.

5.You're Not Comfortable with being Humiliated.
 I know this sounds funny, but if you're some who doesn't like to admit when you don't know or understand something or don't know when you need help, by the fear of being Humiliated,then you lack a very important and unspoken trait of a successful Entrepreneur.

6.You're Not Self Motivated 
You have to be selfmotivated person to carry forword all your qualities and using them .
 Motivation should come from within you everyday to be a successful entrepreneur when problems make you feel so small in front of them.

7.If you're Not Resourceful 
 There will be many barriers on your road to success, therefore, the ability to turn a No into Yes, The Ability to repackage a Negative offering into an attractive one, and The ability to turn your Haters into your Followers,is Critical.

8. If you're Not Patient
 An Entrepreneur knows that things take time to translate into a positive Result, for if you aren't patient you are basically putting things off really soon and not leaving room for experiments. He takes every decision calculatively and is not afraid of waiting for a long time, for his hard work to show it's result. 

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